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  • High Pressure Technology Symposium 2018

    High Pressure Technology Symposium 2018

    We look back on a successful High Pressure Technology Symposium 2018. Nearly 400 industry professionals took the opportunity to listen to a wide range of presentations and see demonstrations and get the latest information on new developments and trends.

  • You will now find Hammelmann on Facebook

    You will now find Hammelmann on Facebook


    You can peak behind the scenes of the company, find up-to-date information and get an idea of who the folks behind the powerful pumps and systems are.

  • Water Jetting Calculator - App

    Water Jetting Calculator - App


    The nozzle calculation, the conversion of the many units used in the water jetting technology, and the support provided for the operation of the Aquamat? tank cleaning equipment are all just part of the App.

  • New High Pressure Pump Catalogue 2017

    New High Pressure Pump Catalogue 2017


    Please follow this link to read the new high pressure catalogue online or download the PDF.

  • New Accessories Catalogue 2017

    New Accessories Catalogue 2017


    The accessories catalogue has been updated, too. To view the online version or download the PDF please follow the link.

  • High Pressure Technology Symposium 2017

    High Pressure Technology Symposium 2017


    More than 700 visitors have been informed about the latest state of high pressure Technology on two days of demonstration, expert talks and exhibitions. Please follow the link on the picture to view the exhibition video.

  • Ergoflex



    Added safety and more increased flexibility distinguish the Ergoflex blasting gun. In this new blasting gun concept the high pressure hose is ‘encapsulated’ in a central guide tube. There is no danger to the operator from leakages at connections or fittings.

  • RD Masterjet

    RD Masterjet


    The new rotor jet generation with HPS sealing technology

  • Spiderjet M - Magnetic

    Spiderjet M - Magnetic


    The Spiderjet M is attached to the work surface with permanent magnets. An optional vacuum system retrieves all waste water and removed solids.

  • L1500



    The new L1500 is designed for high performance and the housing design optimised for easy assembly of accessories such as a protective cage



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