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chemical and petrochemical industry

Application examples in maintenance technology:

  • Internal cleaning of autoclaves, reactors, pressure vessels, agitator tanks, oil storage tanks, distillation towers
  • Cleaning filtration units, condensate drums , boilers, evaporators, bubble trays, air filters, mixers, dryers, barrels
  • Cleaning heat exchangers and process cooler
  • Decontamination and disinfection
  • Cleaning pipe lines, drains
  • Cleaning spraying columns, prill towers etc.
  • Pressure testing vessels, pipe lines and valves
  • Cleaning production and transport equipment, machining centres, workshops, parking areas
  • Water abrasive cutting in hazardous zones

Application examples in process technology:

  • Reactor and boiler feed pumps for a variety of mediums

Practical example photographs

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