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Food and beverages industry

Application examples, cleaning:

  • Cleaning baking trays
  • Cleaning machinery
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Cleaning pipes and heat exchangers
  • Cleaning conveyors and floors
  • Cleaning spray towers
  • Cleaning distribution rollers, beet processing lines,
    feed lines
  • Cleaning mineral water wells
  • Cleaning malt strainer vats, filters, copper kettles, mash tuns and pitching tubs, coolers, filling machines, bottle washers and transportation equipment
  • De-scaling beer barrels
  • Cleaning ponds, boilers
  • Removal of paint makings and adhesive labels

Application examples, food processing:

  • CO2 extraction from plants, i.e. aroma from spices, Lecitin from soja beans
  • Cutting frozen foods
  • Cutting fish, pastries etc.

Practical example photographs

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