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Ship hull and tank surface preparation

The Dockmate is a completely dust free , eco friendly alternative to dry open abrasive blasting capable of preparing hull surfaces to the most exacting standards applicable today.?

Using pressures varying between 2500 and 3000 bar up to 150 sq. metres per hour of surface can be prepared to NACE /SSPC standards WJ1/SC-2.


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Performance parameters

Working width 375 mm (optional)
HDP 170 28 l/min - 3000 bar

Working width 600 mm (optional)
HDP 250 46 l/min - 3000 bar or
HDP 380 61 l/min - 3000 bar

Working width 860 mm (optional)
HDP 500 79 l/min - 3000 bar



  • The torsion free chassis with solid rubber tyres is designed for absolute maximum stability
  • Front and rear axles have independent steering guaranteeing maximum manoeuvrability

Telescopic jib:

  • The telescopic jib is mounted on a turntable supported by roller bearings and can be slewed through + 30° to - 30°
  • The triple section jib is available in a choice of three versions with maximum working heights of 22m, 27m and 32m

Spot blasting:

  • Adjustable nozzle standoff distance:
  • The rotating nozzle arm can be hydraulically retracted from the work surface when moving from spot to spot
  • Retracting the nozzle arm increases the stand off distance to a point where the water jets dissipate and are no longer effectiv

Working arm:

  • A working arm functioning as an equipment carrier is installed at the tip of the telescopic jib
  • The blasting head can be swivelled so that both horizontal and overhead surfaces can be cleaned

Vacuum and waste water filter/ recovery module:

  • The waste water and the solids removed are vacuumed into the filter/ recovery module
  • The waste water and the removed solids are separated in the filter / recovery module and the solids are collected in a “Big bag” with 70μ up to 200μ filter mesh size for disposal

Hydraulic system uses biodegradable oil:

  • The hydraulic control is effected by proportional valves, solenoid valves, pressure limiting valves combined with hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders
  • The hydraulic pumps are driven by a water cooled CAT diesel engine
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