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Units with diesel engine or electric motor

  • Pneumatically or manually actuated pressure regulating valves up to 1500 bar
  • Pneumatically actuated 2/2 way bypass valves above 1500 bar
  • Overflow lines
  • Discharge fittings
  • Multiple discharge fittings?
  • Non return valves, Pressure maintaining valves

  • Pressure gauges, Pressure sensors
  • Safety valves
  • Burst disc safety devices
  • Multiple tool valves for 1000 to 3000 bar
  • Splitter nozzles
  • Monitoring transmitters / cut outs
  • Suction side installations with and without filters
  • Belt or electrically driven boost pressure pumps

Diesel engine driven units

  • ES 2 microprocessor controller
  • Ancillary compressor for multiple tool valves

Electric motor driven units

  • Standard and explosion proof motors
  • NANO controller for standard and explosion proof units with star delta starter
  • Speed control with frequency converter and ES 2
Pressure regulating valve, Discharge pressure sensor, Safety valve, Overflow discharge

Pressure regulating valve, Discharge pressure sensor, Safety valve, Overflow discharge, Suction pressure sensor, Suction pressure gauge

ES 2 controller

ES 2 E?Microprocessor controller

Suction side installation

Suction side installation with water filter and differential pressure monitoring

Oil filter combination

Oil cooler/ filter combination, Oil temperature and oil pressure monitoring, Oil pressure gauge NOTE: Standard on HDP 70 and above

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