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Technology Centre

Practical tests and simulation of the manufacturing process

The advantages of practical testing and running trials of operating procedures that can be reproduced in the workplace are intensively utilised by applications engineers and machinery builders.

Theoretical support for the practical research is provided by a CFD programme. This software enables the calculation of flow characteristics within nozzles and bores. Analysis equipment is available to examine the test samples.

Due to the precise results obtained from the various test phases actual working procedures can be optimised. Manufacturers of for instance de burring machines or cleaning systems can implement their designs with a great degree of confidence in the outcome.

The Technology Centre is available for rental on a day rate basis. This includes the use of a high pressure pump, an array of water blasting tools, the use of inspection instruments and a choice of rotary joints and special nozzles. You will be assisted by an applications engineer and a technician. A detailed test report will be provided upon completion.


Typical services

  • Planning and carrying out test programmes
  • Simulation of production processes
  • Report preparation and evaluation of the results
  • Defining the necessary design performance parameters and data
  • Assessing the viability of new application ideas
  • Design and manufacture of water tools

Other typical tests

  • Tank and container cleaning
  • Engine block de burring
  • Skid over spray removal
  • Cleaning baking trays



Test results

  • Contact details of customer
  • Trial site, duration and participants
  • Project task
  • Test set up (photo and description)
  • Test and discussion of results
  • Photographic documentation
  • Test protocol with details of all parameters
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